Version 2.6.2
Revision 1678 - 2012-10-23
bug fixed [FIXED] The image browser no longer displays a bunch of iPhoto Events at the top of the iPhoto albums tree (iPhoto 9.4+). All events are again part of the "Events" sub-album-tree.
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed a bug that prevented a year placeholder of a calendar template to be replaced.
Version 2.6.1
Revision 1677 - 2012-08-28
new feature [NEW] Updated application icon for Retina display.
bug fixed [FIXED] Fished a crash that could occur under OS X 10.7.0 - 10.7-2 on document creation.
Revision 1676 - 2012-08-16
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved the text box issue under OS X 10.8+ "Mountain Lion" where editing texts gets difficult under various zoom levels.
feature changed [CHANGED] Improved international language support.
Revision 1675 - 2012-07-25
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved a crash under OS X 10.6.x introduced by the Retina display support of the latest beta version.
feature changed [CHANGED] Updated Portuguese-Brazil language support. As well as improvements for all languages.
Revision 1674 - 2012-07-24
feature changed [CHANGED] Updated Portuguese-Brazil language support.
Revision 1673 - 2012-07-19
new feature [NEW] Added language support for Norwegian and Portuguese-Brazil.
feature changed [CHANGED] Improved rendering of the document canvas if Posterino is run on Macs with Retina display.
Version 2.6
Revision 1672 - 2012-05-21
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved a problem where an "Operation could not be completed" error message was shown on loading the image picker contents. The error message has been the result of removing an image folder added to the image picker in a previous session.
new feature [NEW] Added articles on creating documents with image or transparent backgrounds to the online help.
Revision 1671 - 2012-05-07
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed a problem with the "Snap to Guides" feature, that could lead to wrong alignment when the feature is toggled on/off via the ALT key.
Revision 1670 - 2012-04-25
new feature [NEW] Added code signing using a Developer ID to prepare for upcoming changes to OS X (Gatekeeper).
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved a performance problem that could lead to a significant large processing time (beach ball of death), if a larger number of images is dragged from the image picker to the document canvas.
Revision 1669 - 2012-04-19
new feature [NEW] The built-in image browser now supports Adobe Lightroom 4.
new feature [NEW] Posterino now supports export of documents with transparent background.
new feature [NEW] Added support for export documents as PNG image file.
feature changed [CHANGED] Improved Italian language support.
feature changed [CHANGED] Updated online help contents and switched off remote updates.
feature changed [CHANGED] Hide the inspector when we enter the version browser.
bug fixed [FIXED] You can't accidentally remove a text layer from a text object any more.
Version 2.5.4
Revision 1668 - 2012-02-16
new feature [NEW] You can now see your iPhoto Photo Stream in the built-in image picker.
new feature [NEW] Updated Dutch and French language support for the calendar feature.
feature changed [CHANGED] Changed Flickr upload to use OAuth as the new way of authentication.
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved the problem that could lead to failed save operations after the restore of a previous version of a document (OS X 10.7+ Lion).
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed a typo in the online help and added some details.
Revision 1667 - 2012-01-18
new feature [NEW] Added Czech language support.
new feature [NEW] Added Italian language support for the calendar feature.
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved an issue where entering or leaving the fullscreen mode could cause problems in selecting graphic objects using the mouse.
bug fixed [FIXED] Going into the OS X Lion Versions Browser with a document that holds a missing image now longer leads to a crash.
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed a glitch in the template chooser under the German user interface.
feature changed [CHANGED] Updated the online help to suggest to press the Enter / Return key to submit a value in the inspector.
Version 2.5.3
Revision 1666 - 2012-01-03
new feature [NEW] Added 'file name' metadata property to the metadata layer.
new feature [NEW] Added online help article on collecting activity data.
feature changed [CHANGED] Improved (German) language support of file recovery window.
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed a bug in the default settings for new calendar objects. The calendar object now correctly defaults to the new year.
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved a problem that could lead to loss of text attributes when a text object is scaled.
bug fixed [FIXED] Newly created text objects are nor style-locked by default to prevent assigning frames or filters to them.
Version 2.5.2
Revision 1665 - 2011-12-14
new feature [NEW] Added Spanish and Japanese language support for the calendar feature.
new feature [NEW] Added some new articles regarding the calendar object to the online help.
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved a problem that could result in a white hairline around a rendered document. This effect has been visible on documents with colored background.
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved a newsletter subscription problem.
Version 2.5.1
Revision 1664 - 2011-12-06
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved the feedback authentication problem by implementing a dynamic feedback lookup along with a fallback system.
feature changed [CHANGED] Ensured that the 'Blank' template category is the first in the individual categories list.
new feature [NEW] Added German language support for the calendar feature.
Version 2.5
Revision 1663 - 2011-11-28
new feature [NEW] You can now create calendar objects in your document. The calendar objects are available via the 'New Object' command in the 'File' menu and the 'New Object' toolbar button.
new feature [NEW] Added 12 gorgeous new templates featuring calendar objects.
new feature [NEW] New preferences to control the behavior of the calendar object. You can set the default year for new calendar objects as well as what you consider a 'weekend'.
new feature [NEW] The document page margin is now respected when using the alignment guides.
feature changed [CHANGED] You now can drop images "through" text or calendar objects.
feature changed [CHANGED] Added several keywords to the online help to improve search results.
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved a problem where image frames got distorted after being dragged to a new location on a document.
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed a problem with a tool tip of the inspector that is shown for every user interface element on the inspector.
bug fixed [FIXED] Metadata inspector details: Metadata layer background color enabled only, when background is drawn.
Version 2.4.2
Revision 1662 - 2011-10-15
bug fixed [FIXED] All texts elements of the Getting Started window appear now localized.
new feature [NEW] Added an article to the online help showing how to ensure that your Aperture images are displayed in the Posterino image browser.
Version 2.4.1
Revision 1661 - 2011-09-16
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed a problem in the image recovery mechanism that could prevent the recovery mechanism from being triggered at the time a document is opened.
bug fixed [FIXED] Lightroom folders are now filtered out in a 'Fill at Random' operations search for available images.
Version 2.4
Revision 1660 - 2011-08-30
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed a crash that could occur when 'Fill at Random' has been called on a folder selection in the Lightroom branch of the image browser.
Revision 1659 - 2011-08-29
feature changed [CHANGED] Some small user interface improvements.
Revision 1658 - 2011-08-26
bug fixed [FIXED] Ensured that pasted objects stay within the bounds of the document page.
bug fixed [FIXED] The menu item 'Revert to Last Opened Version' now correctly appears in the Versions menu accessible via the document window title.
bug fixed [FIXED] The progress indicator is now visible when loading and creating a document if Posterino is run under OS X 10.6+ 'Snow Leopard'.
feature changed [CHANGED] Updated language support for: Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.
Revision 1657 - 2011-08-22
new feature [NEW] Added support for OS X 10.7+ Lion Auto Save, Resume, Full-Screen App mode and Versions.
new feature [NEW] You can now press ESC to toggle the full-screen mode.
feature changed [CHANGED] A new document now opens per default in layout mode.
feature changed [CHANGED] Improved the split view between image browser and document. You now can hide the image browser by using the "Hide | Show Image Browser" command from the "View" menu.
feature changed [CHANGED] Polished Layout mode behavior and improved performance.
feature changed [CHANGED] Layout mode popup contents is now stable along document or application switches.
bug fixed [FIXED] The splitter between the image picker can now be grabbed with the mouse to change the position of the splitter. Also improved the mouse cursors displayed.
bug fixed [FIXED] Various small bug fixes and improvements.
Version 2.3.4
Revision 1656 - 2011-07-29
new feature [NEW] Added object layout commands like 'Bring to Front', 'Forward', etc. to the 'Layout' menu.
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved an issue that could lead to an application crash during a run of the built-in software update under OS X 'Lion'.
Version 2.3.3
Revision 1655 - 2011-07-20
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved a problem that could lead to a crash when the application is run under OS X 10.7 'Lion' and a Flickr authentication is needed.
Revision 1654 - 2011-07-15
bug fixed [FIXED] Handled a situation under OS X 10.7 'Lion' where random images are rendered gray on export.
Version 2.3.2
Revision 1653 - 2011-06-27
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved a problem that could lead to curios jumps in images sizes while cropping an image.
new feature [NEW] You can now skew an image while moving the orange sizing handles by holding down the Shift key.
Revision 1652 - 2011-06-17
bug fixed [FIXED] The 'Style Lock' flag is now respected by general frame manipulation operations in the Layout mode.
Version 2.3.1
Revision 1651 - 2011-05-02
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed a bug in the 'alignment guides' algorithm that could lead to various kinds of strange behavior (and crashes).
Version 2.3
Revision 1650 - 2011-04-18
feature changed [CHANGED] Improved international language support.
Revision 1649 - 2011-04-11
new feature [NEW] Added Spanish and Japanese language support.
feature changed [CHANGED] Improved the layout of the Getting Started screen.
feature changed [CHANGED] Improved the Dutch language support.
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved the problem lead to a miss-sized notification dialog during the export process.
Revision 1648 - 2011-04-01
bug fixed [FIXED] Ensured that the popup controls in the Layout mode (blueprint) stay on the page when the window gets smaller.
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved the case where layout popup windows (HUD) are cut off at the edge of the screen.
bug fixed [FIXED] A newly created template now appears immediately in the Template Chooser. A re-start of Posterino is no longer necessary.
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved a problem where custom template names do not appear in the Template Chooser.
new feature [NEW] Added an article on creating, installing and deleting custom templates to the online help.
Revision 1647 - 2011-03-29
new feature [NEW] Added 'alignment guides' to help positioning object on your document. You can inverse the current 'snap to guides' mode by holding down the Option key.
new feature [NEW] You can now rotate all selected objects by using the rotation handle of any object.
new feature [NEW] Added new articles to the online help to explain the basic workflow and details on setting the document background color.
feature changed [CHANGED] Updates to the Dutch language support.
Revision 1646 - 2011-03-04
new feature [NEW] Benvenuto in Posterino! Added Italian language support.
new feature [NEW] Welkom bij Posterino! Added Dutch language support.
feature changed [CHANGED] Some adjustments to the French and German language support and the overall user interface layout.
bug fixed [FIXED] Changes to the paper size preferences are now imediately reflected by the Size popup on the Template Chooser.
bug fixed [FIXED] The last used template is now selected the next time you open the template chooser if you are running Posterino in a different language than English.
Version 2.2
Revision 1645 - 2011-02-10
new feature [NEW] Added several articles regarding text boxes to the online help.
new feature [NEW] Added a warning message to the template chooser about the impact of the DPI on the document size.
feature changed [CHANGED] Some additional adjustments to the French language support. Added translations for templates, filters and styles.
Revision 1644 - 2011-02-09
new feature [NEW] Bienvenue sur Posterino! Posterino now has French language support.
new feature [NEW] Added a warning message to inform the user about a possible cut off during the output process. Also added an article to the online help for further explanation of this topic.
Revision 1643 - 2011-02-04
feature changed [CHANGED] Updated some frameworks Posterino depends on to the latest version.
Version 2.1
Revision 1642 - 2011-01-27
feature changed [CHANGED] Some minor user interface updates.
Revision 1641 - 2011-01-21
new feature [NEW] New and revised online help.
Revision 1640 - 2011-01-17
bug fixed [FIXED] Re-enabled English template titles.
feature changed [CHANGED] Some minor user interface changes.
Revision 1638 - 2010-12-27
feature changed [CHANGED] Updated some frameworks we depend on to the latest version.
Revision 1637 - 2010-12-22
new feature [NEW] Added German language support.
Version 2.0.4
Revision 1636 - 2010-12-08
feature changed [CHANGED] Some minor user interface improvements.
Revision 1635 - 2010-11-27
new feature [NEW] Introduced support for iPhoto Events in the built-in image picker.
new feature [NEW] Added move and size frame commands to the context menu of the document editor.
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed an issue that could lead to distorted images.
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved a problem that could lead to an application crash in case a document is open holding references for images that have been moved.
Revision 1633 - 2010-11-11
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved a problem that sometimes hindered a copy operation from proceeding if text object where involved.
feature changed [CHANGED] Improved the staggering of graphic object on a paste operation.
Revision 1632 - 2010-11-09
feature changed [CHANGED] Support for 32-bit Mac under Mac OS X 10.6+ 'Snow Leopard'.
Version 2.0.3
Revision 1631 - 2010-11-03
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved an issue that could lead to missing images in a re-opened document file.
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed a bug that prevented the copy and paste operations from copying graphic objects.
Revision 1623 - 2010-11-02
bug fixed [FIXED] Handled a situation where the application crashed during an image filter operation.
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved a problem where imported images are distorted due to a misinterpretation of the image aspect ratio.
Version 2.0.2
Revision 1619 - 2010-10-28
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed a problem where the Background popup could open empty.
Revision 1615 - 2010-10-27
feature changed [CHANGED] Improved the integration with iPhoto etc. by fetching some metadata on image import.
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved a problem that could lead to "invisible" images when swapping images in an Irregular layout.
feature changed [CHANGED] Some minor user interface improvements.
Revision 1608 - 2010-10-26
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved a problem where images from a folder on disk did not appear in the document at the end of a drag operation.
Revision 1601 - 2010-10-22
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed a file incompatibility to version 2.0.
Version 2.0.1
Revision 1598 - 2010-10-22
feature changed [CHANGED] Some small user interface improvements. Like adding a 'Print' toolbar button to the set of available buttons.
Revision 1595 - 2010-10-21
bug fixed [FIXED] The metadata layer now shows meta information for images moved via Drag & Drop into the document.
bug fixed [FIXED] Quick Look in the image browser now works as expected.
Revision 1590 - 2010-10-18
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed a problem that could lead to an empty document window when creating a new document from a template and some system resources are not available as expected.
Posterino 2.0
Revision 1586 - 2010-10-13
feature changed

Posterino 2.0 lets you:

  • Easily customize the layout of your images: grid, irregular, random
  • Easily change the number of images in a document
  • Alter the frame you use for your images
  • Tailor the image filter (black & white, sepia, sharpening etc.) to your needs
  • Enjoy new themed templates: A "western" theme automatically transforms all images into sepia. A "Black & White" theme makes all images B&W.
  • Integrate Posterino 2.0 with the latest versions of iPhoto, Aperture and Lightroom
  • Export to disk, as an e-mail, to iPhoto, to Flickr and as your desktop background
  • More easily customize your printing
  • Gain more fine grained control of your document with a new inspector
  • View your document in full-screen mode